Martin Bonde

- the right man for you it department

Welcome! Over two decades ago, I took my first career steps in a quaint gas station in Denmark. What began as humble work—mopping floors and selling hotdogs—morphed into an incredible journey through the multifaceted world of Retail, Oil, and Gas. Ten years of hands-on experience equipped me with invaluable skills and deep insights into every role the industry had to offer.

Recognizing my innate passion for IT, the same company that gave me my start entrusted me with the opportunity to pivot my career. Since then, I have been continually evolving my skill set in the IT realm, diving into complex challenges and solutions from infrastructure to software development. My current focus involves cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes and cloud computing, orchestrating projects that are not only efficient but scalable and robust.

Join me as I merge decades of industry know-how with a thirst for innovation in IT. Let’s build something great together.

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